From Israel to Texas

Feb 14th 2024

In Jan 2020, Gili Elkin had lunch in Jerusalem with Governor Greg Abbott, who expressed his goal to strengthen the business ties between Israel and Texas by bringing Israeli tech companies to Texas. ICI Fund is executing on this goal. Some of ICI Fund’s portfolio companies, such as Genda and Kando are growing rapidly in Texas and the goal is to help more Israeli companies sell into Texas (leaving research and development in Israel).

On February 2024, Andres Construction hosted a meeting for ICI Fund and Genda in Dallas to speak about how Israeli startups are facing the current challenges in Israel. Great attendance. Great people. Great food. Thank you, Warren Andres, President at Andres Construction, for hosting this event!

In addition, Gili Elkin met many people in Houston, Austin and Dallas who are passionate about Israeli tech and are eager to join the ICI community and support Israeli founders bringing their tech companies to Texas.

Many of ICI Fund’s investors and advisors are from Texas (including Andres Construction) and because of their support, opening doors to Israeli founders, Israeli companies are successful selling into Texas.

We would love to add more people from Texas to the ICI community and have more Israeli tech companies bring to Texas their artificial intelligence technologies that are securing our world.

If you would like to join the ICI community, contact us.