Ari Goldfarb

Portfolio Growth Partner, ICI Fund | CEO, Kando

As the Portfolio Growth Partner at ICI Fund, Ari supports the screening of companies for investment and supports the growth of CEOs at the portfolio companies. Ari is also the Co-founder and CEO of KANDO, protecting public health and the environment though wastewater. Ari is an expert in wastewater monitoring and treatment technologies with more than 15 years’ experience in the field of wastewater management. As the VP of DHVMED, Ari led multidisciplinary environmental projects, while managing international teams. In his role as VP Environmental Technologies at the Ministry of Environment, Ari oversaw the company’s strategy and vision, managed teams of local and international engineers, was responsible for national and international consulting projects and led the Israeli environmental policy. As the Process Manager and CTO of Jerusalem Wastewater Treatment Plant, Ari was in charge of field operations. Ari also served as a consultant to the Israeli Environmental Ministry Director-General in the area of industrial policy making. Ari holds a B.SC in Biology and Environment from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Management professional training for Senior Managers from Hamil Israel. Ari served in the commando unit of Israel’s IDF.